What is a T.H.S?

THS stands for “Temporary Holiday Site” and technically is a meet that lasts more than 5 days – however, THS’s as they are longer, can also take advantage of being able to use larger sites and with more campers, bigger and better entertainment can be arranged.

West Sussex has hosted a THS in the summer at Lancing College every year since 1985 and every year it gets bigger and better.  At it peak we have over 100 units (Tent, Camper or Caravan) on site and many campers. It lasts just over three weeks (taking in four weekends during the school holidays) and is  great place to meet up and make new friends, both young and old. We get campers from many different DA’s from near and far.

Lancing traditionally has an excellent entertainment programme, and we have a charity day where we try to raise as much money as possible for local good causes. In 2016 it was for the Air Ambulance, which was unfortunately so needed almost a year previously as a result of the terrible events at the Shoreham air disaster. We had a talk from an Air Ambulance Paramedic, and raised over £800 from your donations, purchasing of cakes from the Great Lancing Bake Off and books. The Committee decided that as this total broke all previous records, that it should be rounded up to £1000, which we gladly did. This year the supported charity to be confirmed.

As THS’s last longer, its even more important to be able to have regular Steward cover for the entire period.