The Do’s and Don’ts of DA Camping

This is a gentle reminder of things to remember when coming camping with your DA:

DO: check the website before you leave home to make sure the meet is still on (especially if the weather could affect the meet) and to get an idea of what social events we have arranged for you.

DO: follow the WSDA direction arrows when getting close to the site.

DO: Book in with the Steward on arrival.

DO: remember to bring your Camping and Caravanning Club Membership card for all campers.

DO: drive at 5mph or less on site and look out for children playing.

DO: bring your Fire Bucket (and fill it up!!)

DO: empty waste water as directed by the Steward (normally into the hedgerow) and DON’T empty into the Elsan disposal point as some are cell pits and will fill too quickly if you do.

DO: take your rubbish home from Meets, THS’s normally have a rubbish disposal facility, but remember to segregate and recycle where you can.

DO: ensure dogs are kept on leads at all times when on site – you think of your dog as a member of the family, but not everyone feels the same.

DO: be considerate to your camping neighbours (barbecue smoke,  minimal noise after 11pm etc).

DON’T: forget to join on with the quiz (which is a regular event at our Meets) as we need to get worthy challengers to the regular winners!

and finally,

DON’T: forget to have a great time away camping with your friendly, local DA!!