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It is with regret that we have to announce that the following Meets have had to be CANCELLED due to the ongoing government restrictions

Easter Meet @ Clapham & Patching Village Hall 2nd – 5th April

Bank Hols, Orchard Farm, Chidham. 29th April – 3rd May

Watch this space for possible further cancellations

Always check the web site or Facebook page before leaving home

Chairman’s Chat

Hi Everyone, 

This year due to the Covid pandemic our AGM will be held virtually by Zoom.

The date and time will remain the same
Saturday 3rd April 11 a.m.
If you wish to join us please register via e-mail to providing the following information for each attendee over 18 who will be joining on the same screen Name and address Photo copy of membership card  
We will send you in return the link to join the Zoom AGM meeting along with the agenda, the 2019 AGM minutes (as we didn’t have one last year) and inventory.
We have a few spaces available on our committee, if anyone would be interested in joining us and helping out your DA.

Please let us know, also if you would like more details please get in touch.
After the AGM there will be a short question time. Any questions or suggestions you would like addressed should be sent into . These will be answered during the meeting
We look forward to seeing you all again soon

Stay safe

Thank you to our Chairperson Celia; admin

AGM 2021!!!!

West Sussex have received direction from Head Office instructing us to organise our AGM, (which must take place annually,) as a virtual online Meeting and not at the advertised venue, due to the pandemic. It will remain at the advertised time & date, 11am on Saturday 3rd April. However it will be held virtually on Zoom. If you would like to join the AGM, then you simply need to contact our secretary by email on- Including your name, address & membership number.   In return we will send you the link to join the Zoom AGM meeting along with the agenda. (Obviously you need to download the ‘Zoom’ app.)

We have a few spaces available on our committee for anyone that might be interested in joining us & helping out your DA? If you are interested and would like to find out a little more of what would be involved, then feel free to message me. ( )     After the AGM there will also be a short ‘question time’ If you would like to put a question or suggestion to your committee, then please forward it in advance to our secretary, purely to save time on the day. Answers can be prepared to keep the meeting flowing.

In the meantime, stay safe everyone!

Fishbourne Centre FULLY BOOKED.

Our last meet of the year, at the Fishbourne Centre is FULLY BOOKED.

Please only arrive on site if you have received confirmation that you are booked in. You will be turned away if you are not pre-booked as there are limited spaces at this meet due to COVID-19 rules implicated by the Landowner.

If you are booked in and cannot make it, please be courteous and let us know as we have a waiting list! Many thanks


Hi All,

Good News!!!

Something that many of you have been waiting for👏. West Sussex DA are very pleased to announce that our LANCING COLLEGE Temporary Holiday Site has been given the green light and WILL go ahead,

Opening on Friday 7th August at 9am and will close on Bank Holiday Monday 31st August at 4pm

Price is £10.50 per unit per night

We welcome all units including tents (but own sanitation essential!). There are No Facilities at this Meet other than a drinking water tap & an Elsan disposal tank. Plus rubbish bins. – Please see additional rules below for full details of how these will be used.

Booking is advisable either by email or by calling 07813 107655. The Meet will of course have to follow all of the latest COVID 19 guidelines as set out by the Government and The Camping & Caravan Club !! These are detailed below and full compliance is mandatory.

Although many Meets have been cancelled this year, West Sussex DA have taken the decision to still go ahead with our THS to enable our members the opportunity of some long awaited camping and a little normality! However, it does come at the small price of having to strictly follow a few rules due to the COVID 19. The meet can only be a success if everyone takes responsibility for their own welfare and of others around them.


Procedures In order to protect both members and VOLUNTEER Stewards we must implement a number of additions to normal procedures to ensure that everyone is both safe and confident at all times and to comply with The Camping & Caravanning Club, and Central Government requirements.

1. Necessary contact will be minimal,

2. 2m or 1 m+ social distancing MUST be observed in order to protect everyone present.

3. No one exhibiting symptoms will be admitted to site.

4. Anyone exhibiting symptoms during their stay will be asked to notify the steward by phone and go home.


6. YOU are responsible for your own Health & Safety and you MUST provide your own Hand Sanitisation , PPE Equipment & cleaning items. Wash your hands frequently

7. Members should only gather with in the Government Guidelines.

8. Camping will be conditional on compliance with all safety procedures.

9. Regretably children can not run freely around the site. They must remain within their allocated pitch unless accompanied with an adult.

On Arrival/Booking In –

Stop at the Stewards Booking in Area and remain in your Vehicle.

A steward will approach you .You will need to show the Camping and Caravanning Club membership cards of all the adults in your vehicle through the window of your Vehicle.

To comply with Government safety Track/Trace guidelines you will be asked to fill in your contact details of the lead person in your camping unit. These will be retained until 21 days after the meet when they will all be destroyed.

What to do if you or one of your Party comes down with COVID 19 Symptoms

Notify the Stewards as soon as possible on 07811329215 or 07813107655. You will be asked to leave site and return home and seek appropriate Medical Guidance

Pitching – You can pitch your unit in any direction as long as your unit/awning/vehicle are contained within the marked area.

Drinking Water – Only Adults or Tested Youth are allowed to use the water points. It is recommended that when you use the Fresh Water Point that you sanitise it prior and after use, and take any wipes or cloths you have used, back to your unit for disposal. Please note that a filling hose will not be attached to the tap, so please bring your own. It is recommended that you use gloves and face mask whilst filling up your water. Please observe the 2m or 1+m rule when queuing to use the Water Tap.

Chemical Disposal Point – There are two Chemical Disposal Points which are situated along side of the fenced sports area at the far end of the field . There is a seperate water tap for the Elsan. Do Not use the drinking water tap for rinsing or cleaning any part of your toilet under any circumstances. Only 1 person may enter the designated area around the Elsan point at any time. Please observe the 2m or 1+m rule when queuing to use the Chemical Disposal Point. Please rinse down the Chemical Disposal Point after use and clean up / wash away any spills. It is recommended that the you wear gloves, and a Face Covering when emptying your toilet.

Rubbish Disposal – At the entrance of the Temporary Holiday Field there will be a number of bins for general rubbish. Sadly no recycling is available. Any rubbish disposed of must be in sealed plastic bags. Every attempt must be made to minimise the bulk of waste disposed of e.g., flattening cardboard etc.

Payment – Card payment only, (on site)

General – Sadly this year we are unable to erect our Marquees or provide you with any entertainment or our annual Charity events. Intermingling with other campers must comply with relevant government guidelines. With these few minimal precautions, we hope to be able to carry on virtually as normal providing people observe the social distancing rules and common sense.

Phew!! 😳But apart from all of that I sincerely hope that you all come and have a great stay at Lancing with us and enjoy your camping.Regards ,Pat